Kenowa AMBUCS Amtrykes

What is the Amtryke Program?

The Amtryke Adaptive Tricycle Program is about abilities, not disabilities. Our goal is to provide people who benefit from our trykes with all the classic advantages of riding a bike: mobility, strength, exercise, coordination, interaction with family and friends, and just pure fun!

Amtryke makes foot trykes, hand trykes, and hand & foot trykes in a wide range of sizes--all at low cost. Nearly every rider can be successful, no matter their diagnosis, through our full line of highly adjustable trykes and myriad of adaptive accessories.

The Process

Parents/Guardians/Adult Riders will complete Amtryke Request Form and Waiver
Request Form
A licensed PT or OT will complete the Amtryke Assessment Form for tryke selection. (This may be the rider’s treating therapist OR a chapter-based therapist.)
Is neither of these an option?
Contact Us
Rider will be added to our wishlist and funding will be determined.
Families may donate towards the tryke.
Provide a Picture to help promote your rider’s fundraising!

“Bauer Elementary continues to be blessed by the Amtrykes. They provide engagement and sensory-motor outlets for our students who demonstrate the need for such devices. We can't thank you enough for your work. Without your donations, we would be challenged to provide these types of services for our students.”

Josh Meersma
Bauer Elementary School Principal, Hudsonville Schools

“Our students love to use the Amtrykes to explore the outdoors around our buildings and to travel to different buildings within our campus. Students enjoy using the Amtrykes at recess and physical education class with their peers, as well as in the hallways for movement breaks. The bikes have opened doors for our students to experience movement in new ways while completing everyday school activities such as recess, transitioning to the bus or class and recess.”

Dana Pechumer, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist, Allendale Public Schools